Max Holzinger & Co. GmbH designs and manufactures transformers and various inductive components since the year 1952. Many of the devices are engineered in close teamwork with our customers. This maintains the possibility to expand and share the expertise on both sides. As a result, we are able to generate the development for new devices without or less costs. This enables us to realize single items and small series at low budget and marginal costs.

Due to our high production density and direct implementation from idea to prototype, we reduce the iteration steps to serial production very quickly and efficiently. This optimizes additionally the costs structure and the fast realization for serial production.

  • Customized solutions from one item onwards...
  • Almost unlimited options...
  • Fast realization from design to final component...

Our facility at Schweitenkirchen is along the motorway A9 (Munich-Nuremberg), about 40km north of Munich. This enables us to be close to our customers for meetings, initial samples or fast prototyping.

We cover almost all kind of inductivities from small components such as chokes up to large three-phase-transformers. Therefore our physical dimensions are:

  • Up to 500 kg
  • Up to 250 kVA
  • Up to 5 kA
  • Up to 50 kV
  • Up to 1 MHz

Our core business is mainly in following areas:

  • Industry (Drives, SMPS, Induction heating and welding technologies, ...)
  • Aviation
  • Public transportation and railway applications
  • Various other special applications